Mackinaw Surgery Center is comprised of over 30 physicians offering a multitude of specialties for all your healthcare needs.


Mackinaw Surgery Center was founded by a dedicated group of Mid-Michigan physicians who wanted a better way to serve their patients. When our outpatient surgery facility opened in April 2007, the mission was to provide specialized surgical procedures in a high-quality, patient-focused environment that was comforting and accommodating.

Our mission today is unchanged. Our specialized team continues its focus on providing the best for our patients on every level. When you visit our 16,000 square foot facility, you’re greeted with convenient parking, short wait times and competitive pricing. Procedures performed in our surgery center benefit from our advanced medical technology, highly-qualified nursing staff, and private recovery rooms for you and your family. Plus, most procedures at Mackinaw Surgery Center are performed by your personal physician, adding further comfort and assurance to the experience.