The Link Between Health And Immunity

While steering clear of sick individuals and getting routine vaccines can help to protect the body against illness, lifestyle changes methods can also boost immunity. Although many people assume that getting sick is inevitable, the truth is that regularly engaging in healthy habits can go a long way towards helping to fight infections. Consider these 4 at-home tips for boosting the immune system.

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1. Learn to manage stress better

Being told to control stress as a means of boosting immunity might sound strange. But research suggests that a direct link exists between the two seemingly disparate factors. A 2014 study found that chronic, or long-term, stress can suppress the immune response. In other words, when people experience stress for too long, the immune system struggles to respond adequately to infections, leading to a heightened risk of more serious or prolonged illness.

2. Exercise regularly

Most people are aware that the medical community encourages regular exercise as a tool to maintain a healthy weight and stay mobile. But working out also has therapeutic benefits for the immune system. A 2019 study found that respondents that engaged in moderate-intensity activity had better circulation of immune cells through the body, which translates to a faster immune response to unwanted intruders. Meanwhile, exercise also elevates the body’s temperature, creating an inhospitable environment for bacteria to grow.

3. Focus on a healthy diet

In news that shouldn’t be surprising, there’s a direct link between eating a nutritious, balanced diet and general immune response. Along with limiting the intake of unhealthy fats or excessive sugars, people should also focus on increasing the consumption of specific nutrients that are proven to boost immunity. In particular, prioritize foods that are rich in vitamin B6, C, and E.

4. Get those eight glasses of water

Similar to eating healthy, don’t forget to also hydrate the right way. Skip drinks that are high in sugar, like sodas, and opt for healthier alternatives. While water is the best bet, people can also opt for herbal teas and lightly flavored drinks like coconut water or low-sugar electrolyte supplemental drinks for a bit of variety. Still, people need to be sure to consume the right amount of water based on current body weight.

Staying healthy requires daily focus

While the above list of healthy tips is by no means comprehensive, the recommendations serve as a good starting point for any individual who wants to overhaul daily habits to boost immunity. For best results, also maintain routine doctor’s visits as well as get any recommended vaccines. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to speak with a physician to get more information on best practices that boost overall health and immunity.