Where Should You Have Your Same-Day Surgery?

Every day, surgeons perform emergency surgeries for a range of issues. Yet, there are millions of elective surgeries happening as well. Some surgeries allow patients to leave the same day. These surgeries can improve the quality of life but can be stressful, especially in a conventional hospital. Ambulatory surgical centers (ASC) were created to provide a less stressful environment for same-day procedures.

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What is an ASC?

An ambulatory surgical centers are facilities that focus on outpatient surgeries only. These centers have a team of surgeons, patients, and assistants, along with advanced technology. The goal is to perform elective surgeries safely and quickly, allowing all patients to leave the same day. ASCs typically perform joint replacements, ligament repair, eye surgeries, cosmetic surgeries, colonoscopies, and more. Choosing ASCs helps patients to enjoy these 3 benefits.

1. All about convenience

Conventional hospitals perform elective surgeries. Surgeons who work in hospitals can get called away to help with emergencies. The availability of surgeons can also result in rescheduled and weeks of delays. With an ASC, the team is solely assigned to the facility. That means the patient can visit at a convenient time and date to have surgery. This facility makes a stressful procedure like surgery easier.

2. Faster surgeries

Speed is the most significant advantage of using an ASC. Since patients do not stay overnight, the team is devoted to performing quick, efficient surgeries. As a result, patients will usually recognize a smooth transition from check-in to discharge. Furthermore, many facilities invest in technology, like robotic arm-assisted surgeries, that improves efficiency and accuracy. Studies show that ASCs are 39% faster than hospitals.

3. Higher success rates

With any surgery, there is some degree of risk. However, outpatient surgeries have higher success rates. These surgeries are often minimally invasive procedures. The surgeon will make incisions the size of buttonholes, or in some cases, no incisions at all. Smaller incisions mean faster healing and higher chances of success. ACSs typically have lower infection rates and higher patient satisfaction rates, contributing to better surgical outcomes.

Making things smoother

Elective or not, surgery is a stressful endeavor on the body and mind. Patients would want a place that makes the process as smooth as possible. And ASC does just that with a focus on speed, accuracy, and customer service. ASCs perform over 20 million same-day procedures yearly. Any patient who would prefer a faster, more straightforward process should speak with a doctor about an outpatient facility.