Post-Operative Tips To Regain Mobility

Recovering from surgery can take an emotional and physical toll as patients cope with the pain and anxiety associated with surgery and the recovery process. Surgery wounds can heal within weeks or months, depending on many factors within the patient’s control. To regain mobility and strength after surgery, patients can keep in mind a few helpful surgery recovery tips.

Mackinaw Surgery Center What To Expect After Surgery 4 Ways To Improve Mobility

1. Consider pain management options

During the surgery, doctors may use some form of anesthesia to eliminate the pain. Doctors may prescribe painkillers or over-the-counter pain pills to treat acute pain after the surgery. Patients should discuss pain management options with a doctor to reduce pain, but also reduce the risk of developing a dependence on painkillers.

2. Make physical therapy a priority

Physical therapy is the cornerstone of regaining mobility after surgery. If available, a physical therapist will work with a patient using specific exercises meant to build up the flexibility and strength of the affected area. If physical therapy is not available, patients can find a wealth of post-surgery exercises to support recovery.

3. Practice makes perfect

Going to physical therapy once a week isn’t enough. Patients should be performing the recommended exercises at home daily or at the recommended frequency to reduce pain and improve mobility. Practicing at home can not only speed up the healing process but also keep the area strong and flexible.

4. Make minor adjustments

Surgery can hinder a patient’s ability to perform daily household and work activities as usual. Patients can ask doctors about the logistics of specific activities such as sleeping and showering to avoid surgical complications. Friends and family can help patients avoid strenuous activities such as cleaning and cooking.

How to have a successful recovery from surgery

Surgery is the first part of a long healing process. Physical rehabilitation, such as at-home exercises, can help patients regain strength and flexibility and increase the healing speed. Patients must be patient, though, by literally taking baby steps with help at first. Complete surgery recovery can take months, which requires a patient’s adherence to recommended physical therapy and pain management treatment. For more information about surgery recovery, speak with a healthcare provider.