Is Outpatient Surgery Right for Me?

Needing surgery is never fun. Often when patients hear that surgery is necessary, first thoughts run to cost, risk, and how long the hospital stay will last. No one should worry about the inconsequential while preparing for surgery, no matter how minor the procedure. By choosing a general surgeon at an ambulatory surgical center (ASC), patients can rest easy in the best surgical experience possible. The benefits of ambulatory surgery include lower cost, on-time surgery, less stress, and a lighter time commitment overall. Also known as same-day or outpatient surgery, over 9 million procedures are performed annually in ASCs.

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Making smart medical investments

One of the key gains of the ambulatory system lies in cost-efficiency. Many procedures are considerably less costly at an ASC than at a hospital. An ASC is typically a more cost-effective choice when given an option between having a surgery at an outpatient center vs. a hospital.

Recovering with the comforts of home

Since most people prefer to recover from surgery at home, outpatient care often causes the patient less stress. Since ambulatory procedures only make small incisions rather than the large incisions associated with traditional surgery, patients can safely go home the same day without worrying about a high chance of infection. As a result, the latest data reveals that ambulatory care centers across the country report a 92% satisfaction rate with the care and service patients to receive.

Time is money

In a hospital setting, scheduling shifts happen suddenly since emergency surgeries and procedures that take longer than estimated can delay scheduled procedures. On the other hand, an outpatient setting can stay within a set schedule since the procedures are generally less intricate and more routine. Most patients go home between 1-4 hours after outpatient surgery.

The future of quality care

With today’s medical technology, undergoing surgery has never been easier. Conversely, the cost of medical care continues to be unattainable for the average patient. Outpatient surgical centers bridge the cost-benefit gap by providing world-class medical care at a lower rate than hospitals. While surgery is never something to look forward to, ambulatory care gets patients back to the comfort of home.