Busting Joint Pain

Constant joint pain can cause massive disruption in daily life and activities. When joint pain gets to the point where life becomes impossible, outpatient orthopedic surgery can provide relief and improved mobility. An estimated 1.25 million Americans undergo total joint replacement surgery every year. As one of the most common procedures in the US, reparing worn-out joints can improve pain levels and notably boost the patient’s overall quality of life. Pain is a key indicator, but orthopedic surgery can be helpful in cases of worsening stiff knees, disrupted daily activities, and unsuccessful physical therapy.

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No complications, please

The surgeon opens up the tissue and skin during traditional surgery to get a full view of the structures or organs involved. After determining and correcting the issue, the surgeon will close the incisions via stitches. However, conventional open surgery always risks infection when a procedure requires keeping parts of the body exposed for extended periods. Minimally invasive procedures leverage medical technology to limit large incisions. As a result, patients lose less blood, have a lower risk of infection and tend to recover faster.

When surgery helps

A joint replacement depends on both individual needs and patient mobility levels. In some cases, patients may request a joint replacement for pain making daily life difficult. In painful, stiff, or swollen knees, a joint replacement is a great option for relief. Over 90% of patients report a decrease in pain after joint replacement surgery. Since the procedure removes much of the inflamed flesh and damaged bone, patients with damaged joints with debilitating pain levels benefit significantly. When a stiff joint or knee pain makes walking the dog or climbing the stairs too painful, total joint replacement surgery can help.

Life, pain-free

While surgery can be intimidating for many people, joint replacement is a routine procedure that drastically improves the lives of countless Americans. Paying close attention to the body’s mobility and pain levels helps surgeons determine the best type of surgery for a patient, while a rehabilitation plan strengthens the new joint. Chronic pain and joint stiffness can be debilitating and exhausting for countless patients. With a total joint replacement, patients can achieve higher mobility and overall improved quality of life.