Nothing Cute About This Back Pain

Back pain continues to plague Americans. Millions of dollars get spent in healthcare for back pain. Furthermore, 8 of 10 Americans will see a doctor for back pain at some point. Lower back pain happens the most as this area holds up most of the body’s weight. Acute back pain is even more stressful. The sharp pain comes suddenly, lasting a few days or a few weeks. With the help of a doctor, and sometimes a neurologist, back pain sufferers can find relief.

mackinaw surgery center How Can A Neurologist Help With Acute Low Back Pain Surgery Treatment Options

Why you should see a neurologist

The cause of back pain can be different for each patient and even more challenging to determine. Some patients need only the intervention of a general practitioner. Together, the doctor and patient can work on non-surgical treatment to stop the pain. If the source of pain is too complicated, a neurologist needs to get involved. A neurologist specializes in treating nerves in the brain and spine. This doctor also has the tools available to assess back pain like an x-Ray and MRI. However, neurologists can go a step further. Using tools like an EMG, the neurologist can check nerve health and muscle weakness with fantastic detail. Detailed feedback makes a neurologist the highest resource to test, diagnose, and treat back issues.

Recommended treatment options by neurologists

Neurologists have the advantage of knowing the health of the patient’s nerves and muscles. In many cases, acute pain is due to strains, muscle damage, or nerve damage. This means the neurologist can then use non-surgical options to treat the condition. The doctor will often recommend physical therapy, lifestyle changes, and rest. Neurologists also encourage techniques like chiropractic care or biofeedback therapy. If the pain persists, medication, and steroid injections come next. With consistent work, acute back pain can clear up.

The right surgery for the right issue

There are some cases where surgery works best. A neurologist can then refer the patient to a surgeon. Surgery is recommended when all non-surgical treatment attempts have failed. The neurologist can also provide the surgeon with detailed information to complete the right procedure. In most cases, a microdiscectomy or laminectomy helps remove pressure on surrounding nerves. Severe cases of degraded discs or arthritis need fusion surgery. Neurologists are with the patient all the way, even assessing the results post-operation.

Specialist help can be the key

Back pain can put a damper on living a healthy life. See a doctor for bouts of lower back pain. A general practitioner can provide initial help. But a neurologist can take things to the next level. With detailed info on nerve and muscle health, the neurologist can put together a plan to slay back pain. And if surgery happens to be the best course of action, rest assured the neurologist will advise on the right procedure.