Is The Issue More Than Pain?

When the topic of arthritis comes up, everyone thinks about knee pain. But there are more factors and symptoms to consider with arthritis. Besides, everyone gets joint pain at some point, but not all joint pain is created equal. The best bet is to look for some more telltale symptoms, then speak with a doctor. Once a doctor confirms these symptoms, the next step may be to consider a knee arthroscopy.

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These knees are on fire

Arthritis is inflammation of the joints. The condition is common in the knees; however, arthritis can happen in different joints. There are several types with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid, and psoriatic arthritis the most common. The disease is caused by damage to the cartilage between the joints. This cartilage is a vital shock absorber between the bones. Cartilage gets damaged through wear-and-tear, causing osteoarthritis. Immune attacks can also damage cartilage as in rheumatoid arthritis. In different ways, the damaged cartilage presents symptoms to signal arthritis.

The four horsemen of arthritis

Persons experiencing these 4 main symptoms may have arthritis. Pain is the first and most obvious sign. Inflammation causes severe pain that can be intermittent or long-lasting. Joint stiffness is a second major issue. Joints become difficult to move, and persons will have a reduced range of motion. Pain and stiffness cause swelling and tenderness. Finally, the joints look inflamed and swollen, with signs of redness. If these 4 symptoms are chronic, arthritis may be the culprit.

Get some professional advice

While recognizing these symptoms raises suspicions, the best way to know is to check with a doctor. Doctors can perform a range of tests to check for the condition. These include physical checks, x-rays, and blood tests. From there, doctors may use knee arthroscopy to further asses and treat the disease.

What is knee arthroscopy?

Knee arthroscopy is a surgical procedure that’s useful for checking and treating joint problems. The method is quick and minimally invasive. The procedure starts with the doctor making a small incision by the knee. The surgeon then inserts a device with a high-powered camera attached. This gives a clear view of the knee and surrounding cartilage. This helps confirm if the cartilage or surrounding tissue has worn away or become damaged. At this point, the doctor can insert other tools through another incision to start repairing the damage.

The best reasons for surgery

Persons with long-term, unbearable pain should consider knee arthroscopy. In most cases, a doctor can uncover damage via an x-ray. This includes meniscus damage, damaged linings, ligament damage, or broken cartilage. Knee arthroscopy can safely repair the damage and reduce pain. Knee arthroscopies are perfect for persons who have tried all non-invasive forms of treatment without success.

Turn to knee arthroscopy to fight arthritis

Arthritis affects millions of Americans, especially the older population. Recognizing the symptoms and seeking medical help early can improve the quality of life. In severe cases, knee arthroscopy can give both doctor and patient a clearer picture of the damage. Speak with a doctor about the possibility of knee arthroscopy today.