What Is An Outpatient Surgery?

Sometimes, surgery is necessary for diagnostic, cosmetic, or corrective reasons. These surgeries are elective and not an emergency, happening on the patient’s time. These procedures are called outpatient surgeries, meaning patients can leave the hospital on the same day. Traditional hospitals perform outpatient surgery, but these procedures are becoming more challenging to schedule. Patients can now have surgeries in a trusted location with an ambulatory surgical center.

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Have you heard of an ambulatory surgical center?

In the past, all surgeries were in traditional hospitals. Now, thousands happen at ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs). An ambulatory surgical center is a dedicated facility focusing on outpatient surgery. ASCs have surgeons, equipment, and resources so patients can quickly have elective surgery. Common surgeries include endoscopy, cosmetic surgery, ligament and spine repair, colonoscopy and orthopedic surgery. Here are 4 reasons to consider outpatient surgery at an ASC.

1. On your time

Outpatient procedures usually happen within a few hours. At a traditional hospital, this should be straightforward. However, surgeons tend to miss procedures or are sometimes called out to emergencies. These circumstances can delay surgery, turning an elective procedure into a more severe concern. An ASC has surgeons and staff that are committed to the facility. As a result, patients can schedule appointments with certainty and have the procedure at a date that works.

2. Lower costs

ASCs depend on efficiency and advanced equipment to become effective and efficient at surgeries. Therefore, ASCs can perform more surgeries over the same period as a traditional hospital. As a result, patients can have surgeries at a cheaper cost, especially since the patient would not have overnight stays.

3. Access to technology

Technology has allowed surgery to become minimally invasive, reducing the time and complications. ASCs, go a step further, investing in the latest technology to make surgeries more efficient and effective. Robotic-arm surgery, for instance, is commonly used in ASCs. These devices allow surgeons to improve accuracy and speed.

4. A focus on care and safety

These facilities focus on the patient experience at all levels. The nurses and medical team focus on ensuring patients are comfortable and well-served. During the entire process, the patient will interact with the same medical team, so there are no changes or surprises in the operating room. This high level of care continues into the recovery period. ASCs also focus on safety, with fewer infections than traditional hospitals, because sick patients are not treated at ASCs.

A smooth surgery

Outpatient surgeries are essential for repair or diagnostic reasons. Patients must get these surgeries on time, performed by excellent surgeons. ASCs provide same-day procedures cheaper, safer, and with a high level of service. A family doctor can help find an ASC for the patient, which can then be scheduled at the patient's convenience.