Not What You Expected

Silicone and saline breast implants are becoming widely popular. Implants can be life-changing for the 300,000 women undergoing surgeries every year. Breast implants also have a high satisfaction rate, but for some, the results are not what was envisioned. The size, shape, or side effects may cause concern. These feelings could prompt patients to want a second surgery immediately. However, there is a minimal timeframe doctors recommend before a second surgery.

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Why would you want a second surgery?

With any cosmetic procedure, there is the chance of complications and dissatisfaction. Some women realize a larger or smaller size is more desirable when healing begins. Others prefer silicone or gummy implants, or a teardrop shape over a round shape. Besides personal preference, some complications send women back to the cosmetic surgeon. These include capsular contracture, drooping, rippling, or asymmetric breasts. A breast augmentation revision is the best way to correct these issues.

How soon can you have a second surgery or revision?

Surgeons typically don’t operate on a patient for at least 6 months after the initial procedure. This timeframe would be in effect even if the patient received minimally invasive surgery. Waiting at least 6 months serve 2 purposes. First, cosmetic surgery takes time to heal from. That 6-month timeframe is ideal to see the final results of breast implants. The implants and breast tissue settle during this time, giving the patient a more desirable look. Second, 6 months provides the patient with enough time to recover from the rigors of surgery. Patients can speak to the surgeon beforehand, but any revisions will not occur until then.

What happens during revision

A breast augmentation revision starts with a consultation with the surgeon. The surgeon will ensure that the patient is a suitable candidate for correction. If there is a complication, the surgeon will perform physical and imaging tests to confirm the issue. For personal reasons, the surgeon will discuss workable solutions, including non-surgical options. Once all is well, the surgeon formulates a plan and schedules the revision. Breast surgery revision often occurs through the same incisions as the initial surgery.

Patience means progress

Breast augmentation aims to help women feel confident while improving breast shape and size. Yet, some patients want to make changes to the initial surgery immediately. Making immediate changes increases the possibility of complications. Patients can speak with the surgeon for advice at any time. However, waiting the recommended 6 months can help with healing and final results. If there are still issues after this timeframe, revision surgery can help.