Which Implants Should I Get?

Across the country, an estimated 313,000 breast augmentation surgeries are performed per year. Breast implant operations are the most common cosmetic surgical procedure in the US as well as around the globe. As the popularity of silicone implants rises, so does the buzz around the best types of patients to have a breast augmentation. The ideal patient has a healthy lifestyle with minimal substance use, along with clear, realistic goals. A close working relationship between patient and doctor maintains shared goals and patient satisfaction. Success depends on the activity level, visual goals, and family health history.

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The ideal candidate

Any cosmetic surgery should be inspired by confidence, for the individual’s satisfaction alone. Women pressured into cosmetic surgery are not viable candidates for breast implants. Untreated cancer, ongoing infections and any underlying health issues must be resolved before pursuing breast augmentation surgery. Most surgeons prefer women to limit tobacco and alcohol before surgery, as both substances can cause complications. Women with uneven, elongated, or asymmetrical breasts are perfect candidates for restoring volume and shape via breast augmentation. Breast implants come with benefits and drawbacks; the best patients understand this and work with plastic surgeons to determine the best plan of action.

Implants for active women

Generally, women in good physical shape are the best candidates for surgery. For women that lift weights, subglandular placements work well with overdeveloped chest muscles. Since pectoral muscles remain intact, over-the-muscle implants heal faster, often with lower pain levels. For women with medium to high levels of exercise, sub-glandular placements lower the likelihood of the silicon shifting or distorting by covering the implant with natural breast tissue. Placements above the muscle work most effectively for patients with plenty of breast tissue seeking a moderate, natural-looking improvement. Active women often look for subglandular implants since the implants adjust well to pectoral growth.

Are there risks?

Patients at high risk for certain health concerns can plan to consult a doctor. In approximately1% of cases, women experience slow wound healing and swelling. Albeit uncommon, plan to discuss overall health history and any other individual concerns with the selected plastic surgeon. A successful breast augmentation relies on consistent care and quick intervention in cases of complications.

Becoming the ideal patient

Every year, thousands of American women prepare to get breast implants. Maintaining or adopting a balanced lifestyle complete with no smoking, healthy body weight and minimal alcohol helps the body prepare for surgery. The best candidate for breast augmentation surgery is a patient who understands the risks and rewards. A healthy diet, clear visual goals, and regular exercise all make up the ideal candidate for breast augmentation. Working closely with the practicing surgeon can help determine the best implant type and surgery goals.