Hitting The Gym After A Bunionectomy: Good Or Bad Idea?

A bunionectomy is an outpatient surgical procedure that removes a tiny and bony bump that can grow on the base of the big toe. Bunions can develop by wearing small or narrow shows and can cause severe pain, especially during vigorous workouts. Proper recovery practices after the foot surgery can help patients recover quicker and hit the weights and treadmill sooner.

Mackinaw Surgery Center Can You Exercise After A Bunionectomy 3 Tips For Successful Foot Surgery Bunion Removal

How long does bunionectomy recovery take?

A bunion removal patient can expect to recover after a bunionectomy within 6-8 weeks. Patients can expect a complete recovery after 4-5 months. To speed up the healing process, patients can take an active role in strengthening and healing the foot with a few simple recovery tips and tricks.

1. Reduce pain and swelling

Pain and swelling around the toe and foot are inevitable. Patients should be stocked up on over-the-counter pain medication to reduce the discomfort. Using pain medication can help patients sleep through the night instead of tossing and turning. A proper night’s rest is one of the essential factors in a speedy recovery from foot surgery.

2. Wear wide shoes

Wearing the right type of shoes can reduce the pain and discomfort and improve the bunion removal recovery process. Bunionectomy patients can choose to wear surgical shoes for the first few weeks and transition into more flexible and supportive shoes after. Patients can look for wide-sized shoes with cushioning around the affected area to reduce the pain during recovery.

3. Physical therapy

After the toe and foot have had some time to heal, patients can meet with a physical therapist to perform rehabilitation exercises. If a physical therapist is not an option, patients can ask the surgeon to recommend exercises to improve the foot’s range of motion. Big toe stretches can improve the joint’s strength, while foot exercises can stave off the pain caused by inactivity.

When can you start to hit the gym?

Taking care of the toe and foot after a bunionectomy can help get patients back in the gym in no time. If possible, patients can ask friends and family for help with daily activities such as making dinner or doing household chores. Stretching and low-impact exercises can keep patients nimble and ready for gym day. For more information about bunionectomy surgery, speak with a healthcare provider or podiatrist.