What Is A Nose Job?

The scientific term for a nose job is a rhinoplasty. A rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure designed to alter the shape, function, and appearance of the nose. Rhinoplasties are performed for both cosmetic and medical reasons. While common, rhinoplasties are complicated surgeries that must be tailored to meet the patient’s needs and desired physical appearance.


Different types of rhinoplasties

With an endonasal or closed rhinoplasty, doctors make an incision inside the nose. An incision can also be created on the columella, the band of tissue separating the nostrils. This is called an open or external rhinoplasty. Open rhinoplasties allow doctors easier access to the bone and cartilage. Closed rhinoplasties work better when minor changes are desired.

The surgical procedure

Before rhinoplasty surgery, patients are put under general or local anesthesia. Then, doctors make the appropriate incision depending on whether a closed or open rhinoplasty is requested. Doctors modify the nose by removing and sometimes adding bone or cartilage. In some cases, cartilage grafts are taken from the rib or ear to shape the nose. Once the surgical process is over, the surgeon will tighten the nasal tissue and skin while closing the incision. Stints and stitches are placed in or around the nose to help with healing.

How invasive is a closed rhinoplasty?

A closed rhinoplasty can be minimally invasive based on how the surgery is performed. For this procedure, many surgeons use an endoscope, a tiny probe, to see inside the nasal cavity. Doctors will use small tools and make tiny incisions to work on the nasal bone and cartilage. Incisions are made inside the nostril, so there is no visible scarring. Some surgeons even use 3-dimensional imaging to render images of the nasal cavity while performing certain techniques.

What is nose tip rhinoplasty?

During a nose tip rhinoplasty, doctors reshape just the tip of the nose. Surgeons might change a downward tip by shaping the tip upwards or remove the bulbous tip altogether. A nose tip rhinoplasty can be either open or closed. This rhinoplasty may require removal of nose cartilage, cartilage grafts to create a structured nasal tip, or surgical thinning of the nasal skin. However, the focus remains on modifying the tip of the nose. Depending on the changes desired, this rhinoplasty can be minimally invasive.

Alternatives to rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasties are very invasive, so these procedures are not for everybody. Patients looking for less invasive options may consider a liquid nose job instead. Liquid nose jobs are performed with dermal fillers. Doctors use filler to alter the shape and appearance of the nose. Results are visible immediately, with little swelling or bruising afterward. Fillers can also be dissolved if the final result does not turn out as desired.

Deciding on the best procedure

Patients interested in a nose job should consult a highly trained plastic surgeon. Rhinoplasties are challenging to perform, so a surgeon specializing in these procedures is best. Different surgical options are available, and depending on the desired outcome, the doctor can advise which procedure to choose.